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Charge Type Wireless LED Waterproof Lamp

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Charge Type Wireless LED Perfect Waterproof Lamp


  • Charge Type SUNi LED 5 Level Switch Perfect Waterproof Lamp
  • Charge Type SUNi LED On/Off Switch Perfect Waterproof Lamp
  • Electricity safety certification no. : ZH12014-13001
  • Input voltage : DC5V 2,000mA
  • Battery : Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 3.7Vdc 10,400mAh
  • Charge frequency : 500-600 times
  • Size : 35 x 260mm - Weight : 210g
  • Quality guarantee standard : 1 Year for product / 6 months for battery




▲ Compact size in your palm

* Charge type for handy use in outdoors LED waterproof lamp with a 5 level deeming switch to adjust the degree of light

▲ Enlarged cut of LED Waterproof lamp switch 



  • Patented Waterproof Technology

    - Waterproof lamp for outdoors which is designed against the rain
    - Waterproof up to 40m depth of water with IP68 Level perfect waterproof
    - Sate to use for camping in the rain or any place with water such as construction site, waste water disposal plant, aquarium, or fishing.


* This is a Photo of actual lantern underwater


  • Various Uses

    - SUNi waterproof lantern is wireless charging type which is watertight up to 40m depth of water and proper for leisure activities such as camping, fishing, cycling, or diving.
    - This may be used as a warning light on the road in case of car accident or road construction and can be used safely at waste water disposal facility, drain or other vulnerable environment which needs waterproof, dustproof, damp, or motes or precision workplace such as machine facilities or vinyl greenhouse.





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Charge Type Wireless LED Waterproof Lamp

Charge Type Wireless LED Waterproof Lamp

Charge Type Wireless LED Waterproof Lamp

Charge Type Wireless LED Waterproof Lamp