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Cap Type Socket (Large Socket E39)

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Cap Type Socket (Large Socket E39)




  • Model Name: TY-165-1 (Molding Type) / TY-165 (Contraction Tube Type)
  • Length of electric wire : 25cm (Length is adjustable)
  • Rating : AC 220V/60Hz
  • Material : Polycarbonate (P.C. pipe) + rubber cap
  • Power consumption : 220V 5W - Lamp type : EL type 39 Base (large socket)
  • Rating input current : 55W
  • Average longevity : 6,000 hours
  • Illuminant color : Three wave length (red, blue, green)
  • Material use lamp : Available to use up to 30W three wave length lamp
    * Incandescent lamps are not available to use
  • This is mad of polycarbonate (P.C) which is firm and strong against the heat.

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Enlarged cut of molding type

Enlarged cut of contraction tube type

Adhering waterproof swith (optional)



TY-165-1 (molding type)

87 X 350mm

45W, 55W, 65W

TY-165 (contraction tube type)

87 X 350mm

45W, 55W, 65W